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Manual Therapy

Our Physical Therapists are accredited and credentialed to perform this procedure.

When a patient suffers an orthopedic injury or undergoes an orthopedic surgery, they are in need of rehabilitation. The use of manual therapy will help the patient to return to their prior level of function and to the activities that they love. At MTI we offer evidence-based manual therapy that’s compassionate, personalized and based on proven methods and techniques for the treatment of:

Work injuries
Sports injuries
Pre and Post surgical rehabilitation
Back & neck pain
Shoulder & arm pain
Elbow, wrist & hand pain
Foot & ankle injuries
Hip, knee & leg pain
Sprain, strain & fracture care
Chronic pain conditions
Arthritis & joint pain
Balance & Gait problems

At Michigan Therapy Institute, our Physical Therapists have helped thousands of people utilizing manual therapy techniques for a variety of injuries. We can help you too! Tell your doctor that you prefer to have your therapy at Michigan Therapy Institute, a highly reputable, well-known clinician privately owned clinic, where you will receive one-on-one effective and compassionate care, all of the time, unlike a hospital, where you may be treated as a number.

Check out our specialty manual technique: the Graston Technique.

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