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Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Motor vehicle accidents can have devastating effects on ones’ life and on many different parts of the body. It can be both financially and physically detrimental. They often result in a variety of complex injuries and symptoms. At Michigan Therapy Institute, we are experts in treating all types of injuries related to car accidents and are focused on helping you get back to your normal routines and way of life as quickly as possible, while helping to reduce pain, ensuring long term relief from re-injuries and by lowering the risk for long term disability. This is done by utilizing manual therapy and soothing, therapeutic techniques in the early stages of injuries.

Commonly Sustained Injuries include (but are not limited to) the following:

Muscles Spasms
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Nerve Pain
Numbness and Loss of Sensation in the limbs
Coordination and Balance problems
Shoulder Injuries
Knee Injuries

When you need help recovering from injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, contact Michigan Therapy Institute. After assessing your condition, we will show you how to rebuild your body and return to the healthy, strong person that you were before the accident.

At Michigan Therapy Institute, our Physical Therapists have helped thousands of people with many types of auto related injuries. We can help you too! Tell your doctor that you prefer to have your therapy at Michigan Therapy Institute, a highly reputable, well-known clinician privately owned clinic, where you will get one-on one effective and compassionate care, all of the time, unlike a hospital, where you may be treated as a number.

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